AMRES offers a complete range of services for property owners and financial investors.

The distinctive profile of AMRES services derives from the adoption of a model based on four key elements: a proactive approach to the market, a willingness to co-invest with our international investors, an active portfolio management through strong sector-based specialization and the provision of quality specialized services.

Managing the assets with a proactive approach. Giving the private investors, the service that generally is dedicated only to institutional investors. Simple and complete reporting to have a clear picture of the value created, compared with the initial budget and completed with the forecast. Experience and a structured approach bring out the most of the property’s potential.

Evaluation & advisory services for properties and portfolios for a variety of purposes including crediting, company balance sheet preparation, sale or purchase properties, sale or purchase of companies, feasibility studies and consultancy in the planning phase.

AMRES secures the right opportunities by focusing on the analysis and strategic methods of search for specific investment offers. This is closely followed up throughout all the process phases of the project. Investors and clients can be sure to always receive transparent and complete information regarding the transaction.

AMRES provides its clients with the best possible representation on the market, including marketing, negotiation of terms, regular reporting and general market advice. It is a combination of professionalism and experience with the most current market information available.

AMRES provides independent advice on the financing as well as on the refinancing of specific projects. It has a full range of options on how to achieve financing structures which meet strategic and operational objectives. Assistance can be offered throughout the transaction process from initial strategy through to its implementation.

Project management may be defined as the overall planning, control and co-ordination of a project from conception to completion, aimed at meeting a client’s requirements in order that the project may be completed on time, within authorized cost and to required quality standards.